Beer of the Month Club

August 31st, 2007

The [tag]Beer of the Month Club[/tag] is a very nice gift idea for United States [tag]beer-loving[/tag] residents.

Clubs of America will deliver a 12 pack of four different types of fresh [tag]microbrewed beer[/tag] in 12 ounce bottles. You will also receive the club newsletter “Beer Expeditions”.
The Beers of the Month are select premium [tag]microbrews[/tag] from over 1000 US and International microbreweries and brewpubs and they will be shipped directly to the customer’s home each month.

Some examples of “Beers of the Month” include Great Divide’s Denver Pale Ale, Local Color’s Smooth Talker Pilsner, Butte Creek’s Winter Ale, Snake River’s Lager, Pony Express’ 75th Street Brown Ale, Rock Creek’s Devil’s elbow India Pale Ale, Coast Range’s California Blonde Ale, Rockies’ Amber Ale.

The [tag]beer[/tag] is packed in styrofoam to prevent breakages.

Microbrewed beers are speciality beers that are brewed in small quantities and usually only available in the town they are made. This ensures more flavor and they are all natural without additives or preservatives. For more info or to order from the Beer of the Month Club see the link below.

Click here for the Beer of the Month Club

Clubs of America

Beer Fridge For Seriously Lazy People

August 25th, 2007

I can think of a few people (Men actually) who are likely to add this to their Christmas wishlists.

I can think of a few drawbacks, such as the beer fizzing out of the can when you open it, and after the first six, you may not be able to catch them anymore, but the idea is quite inspiring, and even more so that he sat down and built it! I guess it’s a man thing.

Villager Buys the Village Pub so He Can Close it Down

August 20th, 2007

The Bilston Inn in the village of Midlothian has been a thorn in Mr. Alexander Gordon’s side for 12 years. Mr. Gordon, 50, who lives next to the pub has feuded with landlord Ronald Ferrier for years and has made a series of complaints to the police and the Licensing Board in an attempt to get the pub closed down.

When Mr. Ferrier put the only pub in the village up for sale, Mr. Gordon jumped at the chance, and using a Mr. Robert Lees as a front man, he secretly bought the pub, and has now closed it down, leaving hundreds of villagers with nowhere to go.

Wow. I bet he is one popular village hero.

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When is a Bar a Pub?

August 19th, 2007

I grant that might seem a strange title for a post, but is there a difference between a [tag]bar[/tag] and a [tag]pub[/tag]?
In my opinion there is a definite distinction.

The word ‘Pub’ is derived from [tag]Public House[/tag], as Pubs in the UK were originally known as- therefore they were originally ‘Houses for the Public, so one would expect to find home comforts, such as sofas, comfortable chairs, carpets and probably an open fireplace.

On the other hand, a bar (in my humble opinion) is just that, a room or hall with a bar in it. I find it odd that some bar owners here in Spain take on a bare bones bar, with just a counter and some metal stools, add a few plastic tables and then call it “The Mucky Duck Pub” when there is nothing remotely pub-like about the place. A bit like opening a corner shop and calling it “The City of London Hypermarket” I guess it does not really matter, I mean we are not discussing a life or death situation here, but I feel more distinction should be made.

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Pub Jokes can get Out of Hand!

August 18th, 2007

Here is a very good example of how getting carried away on a Friday night can make you look a bit of a fool.

Every Friday night, here in Europe is the draw of the ‘[tag]Euromillions[/tag]’ a [tag]lottery[/tag] held Europe wide, that often ‘rolls over’ meaning the top prize can run into multi-million Euro prizes.

Last Friday night the jackpot was hovering around the 35 Million GBP mark, and after a few too many in his local pub, unemployed father of one Fergus Frater decided to pretend he had scooped the jackpot, like you do.

He called his son Jordon, a 25 year old roofer, told him the good news and informed him he would receive 5 million pounds.

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A Man Walks into a Pub…

August 13th, 2007

A man walked into a bar with a steering wheel in his underpants.

“Is that painful?” the barman asked.

“It’s driving me nuts!” the man replied.

2 Year Old Girl Attacked by Dog in Pub

August 8th, 2007

A 22 month old girl has been attacked by a terrier dog. The attack happened at the [tag]Famous Old Pines Pub[/tag] in Winbourne, Bournemouth last Friday.

Fortunately the girl should now be out of hospital and scarring should be minimal due to her young age. No doubt she will now have a permanant dreadful fear of dogs, though.

The dog was siezed and the owner questioned, although he was not arrested.

The [tag]owners of the pub[/tag] have now banned all dogs.

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