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Blind Beggar Pub East London

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

I am well-read on the history of Gangland [tag]East London[/tag], due to having a grandmother who is mad about the [tag]Kray Twins[/tag]- she had a penpal friendship with Reg Kray and occasionally he would call her from jail.

She would give me Kray books to read, as I would also buy books for her and often read them first before I could see her to pass them on. Well needless, to say, with my interest in this area of [tag]London[/tag], as well as London and [tag]London pubs[/tag] in general, and also the Kray era I was really looking forward to [tag]drinking a beer[/tag] in the Blind Beggar Pub. (For those of you in the dark, the Blind Beggar is where notorious gang leader Ron Kray shot George Cornell dead. The [tag]Blind Beggar Pub[/tag] is situated in Whitechapel Road, a bustling street in the heart of London’s East End).


Blind Beggar Pub


I had expected, due to the notoriety of the pub, that the place would be a shrine to the Krays- a tourist haunt cashing in on it’s gruesome history. Well, I was wrong, as on occasion I am. There are several Kray pictures on the walls but they do not dominate the place. The furniture had seen better days, and the overall impression was one of shabbiness, and slightly depressing- but this did not put me off the place, I found it quite fitting and intruiging. (more…)

English pub owners to defy smoking ban

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Around 200 [tag]landlords[/tag] are planning a ‘day of defiance’ when the [tag]smoking ban[/tag] is enforced in enclosed public places from July 1st. More landlords are expected to join the protest, allowing their customers to continue smoking and risking a ₤2500 penalty.
Smokers who break the law will face a ₤50 fine.

The rebellious landlords insist they are not necessarily pro-smoking but they believe everybody should have the freedom of choice. (more…)