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Rugby World Cup Semifinals and Your Favorite Bar or Pub

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The 2007 Rugby World Cup Semifinal matches are only days away.  I can’t think of a better reason to visit your favorite pub or favorite bar to cheer your team to victory.

On October 13th, England and France will battle at the St. Dennis, France field. France has won 4 of the last 5 games against England, but that doesn’t mean this one will be an easy win for France. The second on the semifinal matches follows on October 14th as Argentina takes on South Africa in St. Dennis.  Argentina will be playing not only to move to the 2007 Rugby World Cup Finals, but to also break an 0 for 5 losing streak against South Africa.

Now what could make these games better? Having a beer with friends while watching games of course.  Actually there is one place that is better to see the game than your bar or pub 2007 Rugby World Cup Tickets.

So no excuses, grab that beer and yell and cheer until there is nothing left!


Welsh pubs find smoke ban tough

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Written by: Ewan Turney

Trade at community wet-led pubs in Wales is around 20% down in the first six months of the smoking ban, according to the Wales Licensed Victuallers Association.

John Price, secretary of the LVA in Wales, who also runs The Bush Hotel in Blaenclydach, Rhondda said he was losing around £1,000 a week.


“I am hearing a similar story from our members,” he said. “Trade seems to be about 20% down and some pubs have even cut down on opening hours during the week.  

“They should have let us have a smoking room as a compromise. There are also rising costs and we have lost our business rate relief. It is very hard times. I think a lot of pubs will close unless something is done.”


Philip Lay, retail director of Welsh based brewer and operator SA Brains said the poor weather had had a bigger than the smoking ban. “There have been no major surprises,” he said.

“The poor weather has made it difficult to judge the impact of the ban. We had a great April but May to July were poor and the weather was a big factor in that.

“The encouraging thing is when the sun has shined, people are still coming out.”



He added: “The biggest change for us has been the trade mix. In March 26.5% of trade was food sales, now it is 31%.”

Lay believes the real “interesting period” is just about to begin with the onset of winter.

“This is when we will see what the impact is on the smaller tenanted businesses,” he said.

“It is definitely tougher in the community pubs.”

However, Wales chief medical officer claims the ban has saved over 200 lives already.

The All Wales Smoking Cessation Service’s report published today shows a 20% increase in people asking for help to give up smoking since the ban came into force on 2 April.

“The ban will help to cut the number of deaths from second hand smoke,” said Dr Tony Jewell.

“Every year an estimated 400 premature deaths of non-smokers will be averted by the ban.

“Early monitoring results show a dramatic improvement in the quality of indoor air in the premises surveyed.”



Only 25 fixed penalty notices have so far been issued for breaches of the ban.




Villager Buys the Village Pub so He Can Close it Down

Monday, August 20th, 2007

The Bilston Inn in the village of Midlothian has been a thorn in Mr. Alexander Gordon’s side for 12 years. Mr. Gordon, 50, who lives next to the pub has feuded with landlord Ronald Ferrier for years and has made a series of complaints to the police and the Licensing Board in an attempt to get the pub closed down.

When Mr. Ferrier put the only pub in the village up for sale, Mr. Gordon jumped at the chance, and using a Mr. Robert Lees as a front man, he secretly bought the pub, and has now closed it down, leaving hundreds of villagers with nowhere to go.

Wow. I bet he is one popular village hero.


UK Government Ciggie Ban is hitting pubs where it matters

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

It seems the [tag]ciggie ban[/tag] which was implemented on July 1st is hitting pubs where it hurts- in the cash register.

A report in the Sunday Mirror newspaper claims some landlords are claiming their takings have dropped by as much as 40%. For smaller [tag]pubs[/tag] this is of course an enormous drop, and if it continues, is likely to put a lot of pubs out of business.

The Mirror interviewed a number of Landlords and Landladies who’s comments include:

“Even though we’re in the heart of things, we’ve been hit pretty badly. We can’t afford fancy outdoor furniture with patio heaters so people are just staying away.”

“We’re much quieter. Profits have dropped drastically.”

“We’ve had a slide of about 10 to 20 per cent. I’d like to know where the nonsmokers that were supposed to be coming into pubs when the ban was introduced are. I haven’t seen any.”

“Takings are definitely down. Half the customers go outside in the interval to smoke, so we’re losing money from the bar.”

“I’ve lost up to a quarter of my trade.”

“We’ve got a roof garden but when it’s pouring with rain the ban does hit us.”


UK Pub Landlord Summonsed for Defying No Smoking Ban

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

[tag]Hamish Howitt[/tag] of the [tag]Happy Scots Bar[/tag] in Blackpool has been served seven separate summonses for failing to maintain a smoke-free pub.

Mr Howitt is due to appear before [tag]Blackpool[/tag] Magistrates’ Court on the 1st August. He has been against the ban as he considers it a breach of human rights, and refuses to “Shove his customers outside in the wind and the rain to allow them their right to smoke.”
He said: “I don’t incite smoking in my pub as our karaoke bar next-door is completely non-smoking. I’m not pro-smoking just pro-freedom. Having a pint and a cigarette in a pub is one of the last great enjoyments left for the working classes.”

I do not smoke, but I find it ridiculous paying customers should be pushed out onto the pavement to smoke when they are enjoying a drink in a pub.

I remember the days when a pub was an establishment where adult people went to indulge in compulsive behaviors along with other adult people also indulging in compulsive behaviors, and nobody interfered or batted an eyelid. It was left to the discretion of the landlord to decide how far his patron’s excesses should go, and customers would chose a favourite drinking hole accordingly.


The Iron Duke Pub in Brighton

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

[tag]The Iron Duke[/tag] is one of Brighton’s oldest pubs with a colourful history.

It was built in 1828 on behalf of Wigney & Co. Brewers of Ship Street, and is the oldest pub with accomodation in [tag]Hove[/tag]. It seems when it was built it was a stand alone building that offered a safe haven to travellers on the desolate Brighthelmstone to Old Shoreham track.

Opposite the pub is the historical St. Andrews Church which was attended by royalty and a number of other notable worshippers, including Charles Dickens and Lewis Carrol when they visited [tag]Brighton[/tag].

There is a clandestine undergound tunnel from St. Andrews to the Iron Duke, which was used by church-goers who wanted to sneak off for a crafty pint. (more…)

Bar Jobs in London

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

I love [tag]London Pubs[/tag].

I adore the incongruity of the [tag]bars in London[/tag]- on one hand you have the historic feeling of sitting in a pub where others have sat hundreds of years before in a setting that has changed very little, on the other hand there is an incredible feeling of inconsistency-in central London there are bars I have maybe visited 4 or 5 nights in a row, and it is quite probable you will not see the same person there twice. In certain bars in the [tag]Paddington[/tag] area even the staff seem to change on a nightly basis!
This is extremely useful should you become [tag]tired and emotional[/tag] and fall of your stool, because the following day you can return without embarassment to a pub full of entirely new faces who did not witness your drunken debauchery of the night before.