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Beer Fridge For Seriously Lazy People

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

I can think of a few people (Men actually) who are likely to add this to their Christmas wishlists.

I can think of a few drawbacks, such as the beer fizzing out of the can when you open it, and after the first six, you may not be able to catch them anymore, but the idea is quite inspiring, and even more so that he sat down and built it! I guess it’s a man thing.

Home Tiki Bar

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

I came across something really cool today, a website selling plans on ‘[tag]How to build your own Tiki bar[/tag]’.



‘Tiki’ refers to a 20th century theme used in [tag]Polynesian restaurants and clubs[/tag], originally in the United States and later, around the world. (It appears the name Tiki comes from the ‘first man’ in Maori mythology).

A [tag]Tiki Bar[/tag] is a Polynesian style tropical bar usually made from cedar wood or bamboo which conjures up mental images of deep blue sea, hula dancers and exotic tropical [tag]cocktails[/tag]. (more…)