Rugby World Cup Semifinals and Your Favorite Bar or Pub

The 2007 Rugby World Cup Semifinal matches are only days away.  I can’t think of a better reason to visit your favorite pub or favorite bar to cheer your team to victory.

On October 13th, England and France will battle at the St. Dennis, France field. France has won 4 of the last 5 games against England, but that doesn’t mean this one will be an easy win for France. The second on the semifinal matches follows on October 14th as Argentina takes on South Africa in St. Dennis.  Argentina will be playing not only to move to the 2007 Rugby World Cup Finals, but to also break an 0 for 5 losing streak against South Africa.

Now what could make these games better? Having a beer with friends while watching games of course.  Actually there is one place that is better to see the game than your bar or pub 2007 Rugby World Cup Tickets.

So no excuses, grab that beer and yell and cheer until there is nothing left!


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