Welsh pubs find smoke ban tough

Written by: Ewan Turney

Trade at community wet-led pubs in Wales is around 20% down in the first six months of the smoking ban, according to the Wales Licensed Victuallers Association.

John Price, secretary of the LVA in Wales, who also runs The Bush Hotel in Blaenclydach, Rhondda said he was losing around £1,000 a week.


“I am hearing a similar story from our members,” he said. “Trade seems to be about 20% down and some pubs have even cut down on opening hours during the week.  

“They should have let us have a smoking room as a compromise. There are also rising costs and we have lost our business rate relief. It is very hard times. I think a lot of pubs will close unless something is done.”


Philip Lay, retail director of Welsh based brewer and operator SA Brains said the poor weather had had a bigger than the smoking ban. “There have been no major surprises,” he said.

“The poor weather has made it difficult to judge the impact of the ban. We had a great April but May to July were poor and the weather was a big factor in that.

“The encouraging thing is when the sun has shined, people are still coming out.”



He added: “The biggest change for us has been the trade mix. In March 26.5% of trade was food sales, now it is 31%.”

Lay believes the real “interesting period” is just about to begin with the onset of winter.

“This is when we will see what the impact is on the smaller tenanted businesses,” he said.

“It is definitely tougher in the community pubs.”

However, Wales chief medical officer claims the ban has saved over 200 lives already.

The All Wales Smoking Cessation Service’s report published today shows a 20% increase in people asking for help to give up smoking since the ban came into force on 2 April.

“The ban will help to cut the number of deaths from second hand smoke,” said Dr Tony Jewell.

“Every year an estimated 400 premature deaths of non-smokers will be averted by the ban.

“Early monitoring results show a dramatic improvement in the quality of indoor air in the premises surveyed.”



Only 25 fixed penalty notices have so far been issued for breaches of the ban.





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