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Drinking at Race Meetings

Monday, August 6th, 2007
It is probably best not to drink too much when you go to the races.

UK Government Ciggie Ban is hitting pubs where it matters

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

It seems the [tag]ciggie ban[/tag] which was implemented on July 1st is hitting pubs where it hurts- in the cash register.

A report in the Sunday Mirror newspaper claims some landlords are claiming their takings have dropped by as much as 40%. For smaller [tag]pubs[/tag] this is of course an enormous drop, and if it continues, is likely to put a lot of pubs out of business.

The Mirror interviewed a number of Landlords and Landladies who’s comments include:

“Even though we’re in the heart of things, we’ve been hit pretty badly. We can’t afford fancy outdoor furniture with patio heaters so people are just staying away.”

“We’re much quieter. Profits have dropped drastically.”

“We’ve had a slide of about 10 to 20 per cent. I’d like to know where the nonsmokers that were supposed to be coming into pubs when the ban was introduced are. I haven’t seen any.”

“Takings are definitely down. Half the customers go outside in the interval to smoke, so we’re losing money from the bar.”

“I’ve lost up to a quarter of my trade.”

“We’ve got a roof garden but when it’s pouring with rain the ban does hit us.”


Hamish Case Adjourned

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

[tag]Blackpool publican[/tag] [tag]Hugh Howitt[/tag] (known as Hamish) appeared in Blackpool magistrates court yesterday to face charges of allowing customers to light up in his pub, The [tag]Happy Scots Bar[/tag].

He was accompanied by his wife Joanne, son Hugh and a friend Warren Thompson who all face charges of smoking in the bar.

They have been ordered to return on 15th August.

Supporters were out in their droves to support Hamish, who has vowed to take his fight to the European courts if necessary.
Good Luck Hamish!