Villager Buys the Village Pub so He Can Close it Down

The Bilston Inn in the village of Midlothian has been a thorn in Mr. Alexander Gordon’s side for 12 years. Mr. Gordon, 50, who lives next to the pub has feuded with landlord Ronald Ferrier for years and has made a series of complaints to the police and the Licensing Board in an attempt to get the pub closed down.

When Mr. Ferrier put the only pub in the village up for sale, Mr. Gordon jumped at the chance, and using a Mr. Robert Lees as a front man, he secretly bought the pub, and has now closed it down, leaving hundreds of villagers with nowhere to go.

Wow. I bet he is one popular village hero.

Granted, when there is noise coming from outside when you are trying to get a bit of peace and quiet, it can be extremely irritating, but the pub was established in 1743! Why the hell did he move next door to a pub if he wanted peace and quiet?

It appears the previous landlord and Mr. Gordon had never seen eye to eye- however that landlord has gone now (probably a nice bloke, I suspect) and Mr. Gordon has taken his temper out on hundreds of locals for personal reasons that they have little or nothing to do with.

The pub was also an important venue for pool competitions, and also used by Scottish International players.

Mr. Lees who let his name be used as a front man is saying nothing. Well what is there to say? He should be absolutely ashamed of himself, and as for Mr. Gordon, if I were a pool player from Midlothian I know where I would be putting my cue.

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