Pub Jokes can get Out of Hand!

Here is a very good example of how getting carried away on a Friday night can make you look a bit of a fool.

Every Friday night, here in Europe is the draw of the ‘[tag]Euromillions[/tag]’ a [tag]lottery[/tag] held Europe wide, that often ‘rolls over’ meaning the top prize can run into multi-million Euro prizes.

Last Friday night the jackpot was hovering around the 35 Million GBP mark, and after a few too many in his local pub, unemployed father of one Fergus Frater decided to pretend he had scooped the jackpot, like you do.

He called his son Jordon, a 25 year old roofer, told him the good news and informed him he would receive 5 million pounds.

Err…probably not the best idea in the world. Poor Jordon quit his job, but ‘joker’ Fergus carried on the lie until the newspapers revealed the jackpot had been won by Angela Kelly in Scotland.

After his ‘joke’ had been discovered, a press picture taken of Fraser and Jordon showed Fraser sporting a [tag]Stella Artois[/tag] TShirt. Probably not the best publicity the Belgium beer company has experienced…

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