2 Year Old Girl Attacked by Dog in Pub

A 22 month old girl has been attacked by a terrier dog. The attack happened at the [tag]Famous Old Pines Pub[/tag] in Winbourne, Bournemouth last Friday.

Fortunately the girl should now be out of hospital and scarring should be minimal due to her young age. No doubt she will now have a permanant dreadful fear of dogs, though.

The dog was siezed and the owner questioned, although he was not arrested.

The [tag]owners of the pub[/tag] have now banned all dogs.

I am pro-dog and pro-pub, but most of the time the two do not mix. Most dogs will not like a loud raucous atmosphere where people are behaving strangely. It was also said to be a hot day.

The dog was tied by a lead to the next table where the child was with her parents. Now I am not suggesting she went over to the dog uninvited but I imagine considering her age it is quite likely.

Pubs are adult places where people go to drink alcohol. I was not there and cannot say that either the child or dog were not adequately supervised but I have been in plenty of pubs in my time and think it is safe to say that may have been the case.

Whatever happened to family days out at the park? Or taking your pet to the woods? There are two innocent victims of this who were taken to a place and put in close vicinity of each other when they should not have been. I hope the child recovers and the dog will not suffer the ultimate consequence, though I feel in the case of the dog this is unlikely.

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