Whoever heard of paying for a Fat Beer Belly and being delighted to carry it around?

Guys in the US are going crazy to own a beer belly!

Every now and then, someone has a really very good idea.

Now, I know the idea of stuffing a rubber pouch down your shirt to give the very realistic look and feel of a beer belly may not seem like a great idea, but read on, Dear Reader, read on!

Have you ever been to a concert and queued for 30 minutes to find to your disgust you have to pay five times pub prices for a plastic cup full of warm foam? Then go through the whole process 30 minutes later, because there is no other choice? Me too.
Those cups of foam can end up costing more than the concert ticket price.

Or worse- have you ever been to a ball game, or some other adreneline stimulating event to find there is no beer? Why on earth do the organisers think Coca Cola will do? Or have you attended a function where your fellow guests are content to sit sucking on the same beer all night, and look sternly down their noses if you request a second glass?

Well the answer is here. Get yourself a beer belly! A United States company based in Reno, Nevada have come up with the brilliant invention of a fake beer belly which is actually used to carry your beer supplies around.

The beer belly is a removeable ’spare tyre’. It has the look and feel of a home grown beer belly, but in truth it is a pouch made of neoprene with a polyurethene bag which has a tube attached for drinking or pouring. The pouch is insulated, keeping your beer cool, or indeed your hot toddy, hot!

You simply pour your six pack into the beer belly, fasten the velcro straps over your shoulders, and away you go- you have a stealth drink system which allows you to take a crafty swig where ever you go.

See the video below for a full demonstration.

The Beer Belly is also cool for:

Sitting on a boring plane or bus journey (Has anyone seen Ryanair Beer prices lately? Absolutely Shocking).

Tedious visits with your in-laws.

Parent-teacher meetings.

Funeral services.

Those dreadful tea-party type functions with only lemonade.

Hospital visits (but better check on the condition of the patient before letting him imbibe).

Kid’s Birthday Parties (don’t let them jump on you).

Incredibly, the beer belly retails at just $34.95, which can be recouperated from just one concert or ballgame.

For more information see the Beer Belly Website, and check out the Wine Rack while you are there!

Beer Belly Website

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