Global Pub Crawl to Cover Four Continents

Beer loving Aussie Kenneth Hart is organising the [tag]World’s Biggest Pub Crawl[/tag], which will last for 25 boozy days, take in 60 pubs in 12 countries and cover 4 continents.

The tour will include the world’s top [tag]party hotspots[/tag] including Rio de Janeiro, Cancun, Ibiza and Munich.

Kenneth guarantees there will be no early wake up calls and no ‘boring sightseeing- just a daily dose of the most incredible pubs on earth and the party of a lifetime’. Kenneth and his colleagues recently travelled from Perth to Queensland, a distance of 4,500 kilometres to take part in the world record-breaking pub crawl held in [tag]Maryborough[/tag] where 2700 drank en masse to reclaim the title that London had snatched from them in 2006.

Worlds Biggest Pub Crawl

Ken and his mates get into practice for Maryborough at Perth Airport

The [tag]global pub crawl[/tag] fun and drinking will begin at the end of March 2008, when the beer-fuelled revellers depart from [tag]London[/tag]. The pub crawl is open to all- you must of course have a tremendous thirst and be open to the idea that you may not remember much about your trip.

The last details of the monster pub crawl are now being finalized, and will be available via The Thirsty Swagman website on July 1st. For full details see -

5 Responses to “Global Pub Crawl to Cover Four Continents”

  1. Paul Kapica Says:

    Hi there
    I am the bloke on the right of the Photo with the glasses on my head.
    We all had a fantastic time in Maryborough and have many great memories and photo’s .
    Thankyou to the local Council and towns people for organizing this event something that embodies the Ozzy spirit, getting drunk with a heap of other people.

    Look forward to getting on it again with you all next year!


  2. Dave in Benidorm Says:

    I can´t believe you are not coming to Benidorm where a beer only costs 1€ with 1,000 bars within 15 minutes walk of each other.

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  4. Inhiniduade Says:

    thats it, brother

  5. SpicsJap Says:

    thank you, dude

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