Gay Bars San Francisco

If you are looking for [tag]Gay Bars in San Francisco[/tag], I do not think you will have many problems finding them as San Francisco IS the [tag]Gay capital[/tag] of the world!

Although San Francisco is teeming with [tag]Gay Bars[/tag], hotels and nightclubs, over a wide area, there is also a concentrated zone around Castro Street where many gay establishments are grouped together, making barhopping a nice easy experience.

In the old days the Castro area was accessible only by dirt tracks and home to dairy farms. The Castro Street of today is a vibrant cosmopolitan area, and although the majority of the bars are gay male orientated, but there are also many female friendly places, both straight and gay.

See below for a list of Gay Bars in the [tag]Castro[/tag] Zone.

Lexington Club

Midnight Sun

Daddys Bar

The Bar on Castro

The Cafe

Cafe du Nord

Cav Wine Bar



El Rio

The Jet

The Mint

San Francisco Badlands

There are many many more gay bars in the area, and surrounding areas, this is simply a selection chosen as they have websites for more information.

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