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I love [tag]London Pubs[/tag].

I adore the incongruity of the [tag]bars in London[/tag]- on one hand you have the historic feeling of sitting in a pub where others have sat hundreds of years before in a setting that has changed very little, on the other hand there is an incredible feeling of inconsistency-in central London there are bars I have maybe visited 4 or 5 nights in a row, and it is quite probable you will not see the same person there twice. In certain bars in the [tag]Paddington[/tag] area even the staff seem to change on a nightly basis!
This is extremely useful should you become [tag]tired and emotional[/tag] and fall of your stool, because the following day you can return without embarassment to a pub full of entirely new faces who did not witness your drunken debauchery of the night before.

During my barmaid career I worked in three London pubs and all three hold very fond memories for different reasons.
June and Brian were my bosses at the [tag]Kensington Arms[/tag] in Abingdon Road, Kensington.

June was a very nice practical woman, who gave of a feeling that she had to quite a lot to put up with- Sybil from Fawlty Towers comes to mind. Brian liked to fuss over just about everything although he did not really have an area of expertise. He had fun [tag]drinking with the customers[/tag] and was generally quite a well-liked man, but he had a strange partiality to being addressed as ‘Uncle’. I can still see June rolling her eyes in extreme irritation and despair every time he would reprimand a staff member if we forgot and commited the dreadful sin of calling him Brian.


Kensington Arms


London pubs are full of [tag]characters[/tag], both sides of the bar, therefore making them exceedingly fun places to work, particularly if you are passing through or looking for seasonal work, and have no need to take the oddballs you might meet seriously.


Some of the best places for current [tag]online bar job listings[/tag] in London include:


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