Gay Bars in Lloret de Mar


A frequent question asked by tourists in [tag]Lloret de Mar[/tag] is “Where are the [tag]Gay Bars[/tag]?”

Well, practically they are all within an area of 50 square metres, which makes it easy to bar hop from one to the other without the need for hiring a cab or getting lost. There are three gay bars, and a [tag]gay club[/tag] in Lloret.
Click here to see a Google map of the area.
David’s Bar
Davids Bar is situated in the Calle Migdia, number 53. It opens at 11pm until 3am but usually closes on Mondays during the wintertime. The clientele at David’s are mostly men, and mainly a younger crowd.
Incognito Bar
On coming out of Davids, turn left, and 20 metres along the street you will see the Incognito Bar. The Incognito is only open during the summer season, from 10pm till 3am. It is mostly male and shows videos.
Bubu’s Bar
Bubu’s is located just 1 minute from Davids- towards the top of the Calle Areny which does have a slight incline. Bubu’s opens at 11pm until 3.30am. It has a small dance floor and a darkroom at the back for those who want somewhere private. During the winter months Bubu’s opens only Friday and Saturday nights.





Bubus Gay Bar

Bubu’s revellers not in the darkroom

Tortuga Bar

Towards the bottom of the Calle Areny on the left hand side (if you are walking down the street) is a small side street named Calle Santa Teresa. Situated half way along is the Tortuga Bar.
The Tortuga again is mainly male, and opens at 10pm until 3am. It also closes on a Monday during the winter season.
Between your Gay Pub Crawl drop into the [tag]Bar Barretina[/tag] on the Calle Areny, if you have the time. It is the second oldest [tag]Bodega Bar[/tag] in Lloret and has some rather odd and entertaning regulars. Fiona, the owner, also serves a mean [tag]Sangria[/tag] for just 7 euros a litre.


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