Blind Beggar Pub East London

I am well-read on the history of Gangland [tag]East London[/tag], due to having a grandmother who is mad about the [tag]Kray Twins[/tag]- she had a penpal friendship with Reg Kray and occasionally he would call her from jail.

She would give me Kray books to read, as I would also buy books for her and often read them first before I could see her to pass them on. Well needless, to say, with my interest in this area of [tag]London[/tag], as well as London and [tag]London pubs[/tag] in general, and also the Kray era I was really looking forward to [tag]drinking a beer[/tag] in the Blind Beggar Pub. (For those of you in the dark, the Blind Beggar is where notorious gang leader Ron Kray shot George Cornell dead. The [tag]Blind Beggar Pub[/tag] is situated in Whitechapel Road, a bustling street in the heart of London’s East End).


Blind Beggar Pub


I had expected, due to the notoriety of the pub, that the place would be a shrine to the Krays- a tourist haunt cashing in on it’s gruesome history. Well, I was wrong, as on occasion I am. There are several Kray pictures on the walls but they do not dominate the place. The furniture had seen better days, and the overall impression was one of shabbiness, and slightly depressing- but this did not put me off the place, I found it quite fitting and intruiging.

I returned some months later- my grandmother, after mourning the death of the Krays for a suitable length of time turned her affections to [tag]Mad Frankie Frazer[/tag], who had been a rival gang leader in the 60s, who later had become very close to the Krays after spending a fair bit of time with them in various slammers all over the UK.

Frankie now supplements his old age pension with Gangland Tours, the tour takes around 3 hours, and includes a stop at the Blind Beggar Pub for a drink. In this setting, on a sunny September day, as part of an animated Gangland Tour crowd, the pub appeared much more cheerful. Frankie also, of course being the perfect drinking partner for such a setting.

The Blind Beggar Pub is definately worth a visit, it plays a part of London’s more recent history, and if you are in the area should not be missed.


Mad Frankie Fraser

Mad Frankie and Nanny Munday-both 82 years young

It was nearly two years since I went on Frankie’s tour, he was 82 then, but all that porridge must have done him some good, because he looked 10 years younger. I do not know if the tours are still running, but there is contact information on his website- Mad Frankie Fraser. 

Frankie gives a fascinating insight into [tag]pub and club life[/tag] during the Kray’s rule of East End gangland.

Incidently, the Blind Beggar has quite a fascinating website with history, a virtual tour, and even a few ghosts thrown in!

Whatshappening in London


10 Responses to “Blind Beggar Pub East London”

  1. John Belcher Says:

    I appreciated your write-up on ” The Blind Beggar ” ( July 25, 2007 ). I have to get in touch with Frankie Fraser, regarding an American criminal. Does Frankie still frequent the Blind Beggar? I have a Canadian friend who will be in London on August 3rd. Could he drop off a message to Frankie? — Sorry for the very short notice. — John Belcher

  2. Debbie Says:

    Hi John
    I would imagine the best way to get in touch with Frankie would be through his website- Frankie does do guest appearances for parties etc- there are contact phone numbers on the site.

    The address is

  3. thomas keegan Says:

    we had a lovely old cockney knees off with Frank and his mates,just me and the duchess,ooh she was chuffed.We never wnt to the Blind Beggar as Frank said it had too many painful memories.You see George owed him a pony and when the kray geezer shot him the money got all bloodied and Frank never got to collect.We still enjoyed Frank sang us a couple on numbers; ‘ IF i HAD A HAMMER ‘ and JESUS WANTS ME FOR A SUNBEAM’
    had the old dutch in tears. naah,they dont make em like that any more.

  4. Michael Says:


    I think your mother would be proud.

  5. John Amos Says:

    I hear the is a new 5 million budget film in development about franks life by a company based in London, hope to see it released very soon


  6. John Amos Says:

    Just had a look at the companies web site again and there is a great Fraser film poster to download.

    Good stuff


  7. Matt Says:

    It is one of things I can never understand … how people can think that way. It’s so illogical that it can only be based upon moronity.

  8. jerry shaw Says:

    I am going to london for a couple of days 1st of August could you please let me know if there is a Frank Fraser gangland tour and how we go about getting on it thanks for your help

  9. Naispap Says:

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