Best Sangria Recipe

[tag]Sangria[/tag] is a [tag]wine punch[/tag] which originated here in [tag]Spain[/tag]. The name Sangria comes from the Spanish ’sangre’ which means blood, which is a reference to the deep red colour of the drink.

Tourists love to try Sangria when they visit Spain, imagining it to be a local custom, but the truth is it is sold to far more tourists than Spaniards!

I have worked in numerous [tag]discoteques[/tag], [tag]bars[/tag] and [tag]restaurants[/tag] here in Spain, and each establishment is likely to have a slightly different recipe. However, I always found when I introduced the following recipe to bar owners they were more than happy to make it their ‘[tag]Special House Sangria[/tag]’ due to the repeat custom it bought and the requests for the ’secret recipe’ from tourists- so I think it is fair to say this really is the [tag]Best Sangria Recipe[/Tag].


Sangria Recipe

You will need a one litre jug (pitcher) half filled with ice cubes.

Add half a sliced orange and half a sliced lemon.

Add a shot of white rum, a shot of brandy and a shot of cointreau or triple sec.

Add red wine until the jug is about 70% full.

Fill up with an equal mix of fanta lemon and orange, and finally add a dash of grenadine.

Note: Some people think using a good red wine as opposed to a cheap plonk will make a better sangria, but personally I don’t think it makes the slightest difference to the overall taste due to the sweeter ingredients overriding the taste of the wine.


Sangria recipe
Photo by Vic Lic




Enjoy- but be warned- Due to the sweet taste and added fanta, [tag]Sangria[/tag] tastes deceptively like a [tag]non-alcoholic[/tag] fruit punch, but over-indulging can cause horrible hangovers due to the mix of [tag]red wine[/tag] and [tag]spirits[/tag]. 





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