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I came across something really cool today, a website selling plans on ‘[tag]How to build your own Tiki bar[/tag]’.



‘Tiki’ refers to a 20th century theme used in [tag]Polynesian restaurants and clubs[/tag], originally in the United States and later, around the world. (It appears the name Tiki comes from the ‘first man’ in Maori mythology).

A [tag]Tiki Bar[/tag] is a Polynesian style tropical bar usually made from cedar wood or bamboo which conjures up mental images of deep blue sea, hula dancers and exotic tropical [tag]cocktails[/tag].


Tiki Bar


Well, the good news is, you can now have your very own Tiki Bar in your back yard, bringing that tropical island feel to your barbeques, get-togethers and family parties. The [tag]Tiki bar plans[/tag] are priced at under $20, which is quite reasonable when you consider a [tag]home bar[/tag] of this quality would cost way more than $1000- of course the materials will not be free, but [tag]Kevin Dunn[/tag], the author of the plans also provides an extensive list of stockists who provide the best deals on materials. He also provides email access- he will advise you on personalising your Tiki bar should you wish to do so, and amazingly offers phone support on a toll-free number.

Not bad for under $20! For more information on building your own home Tiki Bar, see Kevin’s website.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Really really nice, the over $1000-$2000 price tag of a tiki bar has always held me back to get some holiday feeling next to my bbq but this is brilliant. A project well worth pursuing. Thank you Chris

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