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My website stats have revealed people have landed on the site whilst searching for information on bar jobs in Lloret de Mar, so I will post some details here. Many people come to [tag]Lloret de Mar[/tag] to work for the [tag]tourist season[/tag], as I myself did, back in 1981. Lloret de Mar is a lively tourist spot situated on the [tag]Costa Brava[/tag] about 70km north of [tag]Barcelona[/tag].

Although there are not as many [tag]bars[/tag] and [tag]pubs[/tag] as when I arrived in Lloret, the place is still awash with them, and the vast majority will take on extra staff for the summer months. If you are hoping to work in Lloret de Mar during the summer, I have good news and bad news for you- first the good news. There is plenty of work for 2 or 3 months and the chances of finding employment are high.

The bad news? you will be required to work long hours, often 7 days a week, and in many cases will be poorly paid, hence the likelihood of finding employment. If looking for work, the best time to arrive is during the first 2 weeks of June when the businesses begin to pick up after the relatively quiet month of May- these first 2 weeks are ideal as the employment seeking college students have yet to arrive- the majority arrive during the last week of June.

There is little use in searching for [tag]jobs in Lloret[/tag] on the internet as although you may find out where there are vacancies going, it is extremely unlikely anyone will hold a job for you without meeting you in person, so the best thing is to jump on a bus or plane, arrive in town, and simply walk round the streets looking for vacancy signs, which at this time of the year are plentiful.

When entering a [tag]bar[/tag] or [tag]restaurant[/tag] always ask to speak to the manager or ‘encargado’. It is also a good idea to carry CVs (resumes) with you incase you are asked to leave one. (CVs are in my experience are never checked, but are sometimes read)- It is always an advantage to have some experience of positions of a similar type as the one you are applying for- so if you are after a job in a disco a bit of work experience of a similar position held in your home town, or in another tourist resort is useful. As the jobs are temporary, managers like to think they will not have to spend any length of time teaching you the ropes.

[tag]Discoteques[/tag] and [tag]Clubs[/tag] tend to pay better than bars due to bars closing at 3am, leaving you time to go out after work to a disco- whereas if you work in a disco, really you have had it- when your disco closes at 5am everywhere else will be closed too. This does however save you further money, and seeing as any job you have is likely to be very social, not being able to go elsewhere afterwards is not a major issue for most.

If applying for work in a discoteque, make sure you look half decent- looks and dress are a big factor for this type of work- basically if you have not been blessed in this department you might as well stick to bars or restaurants.

Restaurant work is probably the easiest to come by and also the least glamorous, particularly if you end up in the [tag]kitchen[/tag]. However, it does have advantages, you do not have to look like Beyonce, there is a good chance you will be given some sort of a uniform (which saves you having to spend all your hard-earned money on clothes just to look good for work) the hours are likely to be more socialable, and there is a possibility you may make [tag]good tips[/tag]. (Do ask about the [tag]tip policy[/tag] before you begin- I once worked for a boss who told me the tips were to be shared between the staff at the end of the summer- at the end of the summer he changed his mind and decided to share them with his brother).

You can expect to earn anywhere between 25 and 45 euros a day depending on the establishment, hours worked, and possibly your experience. Languages are of course a huge advantage, optimally English, Spanish, German and French, however do not be put off if you are limited- if you speak a little English or Spanish you will get by in most jobs.

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    will read it later

  2. Denica Says:

    I’m from Macedonia, I have experience of 2 summer… i worked in USA like a waitress, in San Francisco and North Carolina- OBX. So i would like to be a part of your team :)
    Thank u very much, i appreciated :)

  3. Petronela Cernejova Says:

    Hello, we are two clever, good looking girls, looking for job for sumemr in lloret de mar. We are interested in positien of waitress or barwoman. We speak english and german fluently. I woul be glad, if you could help us with some adresses of bars. I can send you also photos of us

    Thank you, Petronela

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